In Search Of Worzel Gummidge


The Wolferton Scarecrow Weekend BLOG Scarecrow
BLOG Scarecrow (3) Image2

Quite why it’s taken me so long to tell you about the Wolferton Scarecrow Weekend is anyone’s guess, I blame having to work for a living – although not working for a living come payday is perhaps a more disappointing proposition.

After persuading the lady of the house to accompany me we arrived early to one of the most peculiar events I’ve been to for quite some time. Wolferton is a small village just down the road from Weir HQ which for one weekend is closed to all but pedestrians to allow the villagers to show off their various scarecrow creations. And what an alarming collection they were.

From the welcome provided by the canine Grenadier Guard to the headless business man abandoned in the verge we seem to have found ourselves wandering the set of a low budget horror film. Still it was as entertaining as it was alarming although Queen Victoria, who made an appearance on the old railway platform, was clearly not amused.

BLOG Scarecrow (2) Wolferton Scarecrow Weekend, Wolferton [290811] (18)

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