Pounds, Shillings & Pence


P1120097 P1120101
P1120100 P1120102

Saturday morning and many of you will be off to the shops. Not me I’m at home getting my head round the new decimal coinage with the latest acquisition to the Weir HQ board game library.


9 Responses to “Pounds, Shillings & Pence”

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  2. 3 lestaret

    An excellent game! I was once told that older people were encouraged to learn rhymes to help them make mental calculations when shopping:

    “A litre of water is a pint and three-quarter”

    Two and a quarter pounds of jam makes about a kilogram”

    I bet they didn’t do this with the Euro, eh?

    • 4 danielweiresq

      I bet they didn’t either which is a shame because although rhymes to convey such information are a bit twee – they do kind of work eh ? And yes it is an excellent game – I’m just wondering whether the replica curency will be accepted in my local shop when my funds run low at the end of the month.

      DW x

  3. This game looks like a real hoot! I’d play for the drawings alone, although I’d get completely flummoxed trying to calculate in pounds, shillings and pence. As for calculation rhymes, I learned “a pint’s a pound the world around” as a kid. But I guess that doesn’t refer to a pint of anything costing a pound. (Gee can’t believe you didn’t take Cathy up on her offer to link to her (I’m sure) totally bogus blog.)

    • 6 danielweiresq

      Indeed quite how anyone worked in imperial I’ll never know – as for a “a pint’s a pound the world around” – according to http://www.pintprice.com/ (yes there is a website for everything) a pint in Greenland would cost you £7.35, so you may need to update your rhyme a little . . .

      And Cathy – I was mainly bemused regarding the perhaps not entirely ironic name of her blog directory site : www . blog dire . com . . . I think that’s considered damning with faint praise . . .

      DW x

  4. 7 pounds for a pint of beer in Greenland? It better be really good beer. I was actually taught that the saying meant a pint of liquid weighed a pound, but could it really be true? It was also confusing as a kid to also know that a pound was money. And what’s with # meaning pound? But speaking of phrases, “damning with faint praise” was another one I heard growing up, but don’t hear much these days. It’s a good one though. FYI, I just posted more Hindes!

    • 8 danielweiresq

      Gah – should have worked out that straight away – a pint is a pound in weight makes much more sense than my interpretation. Some great Hindes you’ve posted – I don’t think I have any of the ones you featured in the latest post – nice way of collecting them together, I may steal the idea for my next post which is way overdue.

      DW x

  5. Glad you enjoyed the Hindes; amazing that you didn’t have any of them. Looking forward to your next post of Hindes (which I agree is overdue), especially if you put together a collection based on pointing, or colors of outfits, or some other Hinde-ish categorization.

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