A Journey In Sound


A collection of links really but links well worth looking into further.


First up is this CD, The MMs Bar Recordings, available from the superlative Trunk Records. The MMs Bar Recordings were collected by artist Sandra Cross and are recordings, (suprising eh), of the announcements made regarding the buffet car on coach F of the Midland Mainline train she regularly travelled on. I’ll let Trunk Records continue :

“Making the journey weekly between 2006 and 2007 was Sandra Cross. An artist working on an ongoing project exploring food, she recorded the MMs bar announcements whenever she got on the train. There was no consistency as to when the announcements would start, sometimes at the beginning of a journey, sometimes they pipe up several minutes after the train had started. You’ll hear that recordings have a wide fluctuation in quality based on a wide variety of voice, tone and delivery. Simply shunted together like old rail yard stock, these basic recordings represent a strangely engaging set of monologues all based on the same exciting menus and occasional “safety information”.”

Jonny Trunk heard the recordings being broadcast on Resonannce 104.4FM and decided to put the recordings out as a limited vinyl and CD release – he is a wise man and as such this was a wise decision.

Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert's Signage [for blog]

Next comes Felicity Ford who’s work I came across through hearing about her really excellent radio documentary (?) called Around the A4074 – broadcast over on BBC Radio Oxford on Boxing Day of last year. Thankfully it’s still online on her website and I thoroughly recommend it to you. In fact I’d recommend a thorough search through her site because it seems to be full of wonderful recordings including a pilot of her radio show which is also rather good.

And finally this from Sebastiane Hegarty broadcast on BBC Radio 3 last week, which in turn led me to his website, and his Winnall Moors Soundwalk project over here which is some mighty fine work.

All of these show how little most radio cares about how things sound which seems a bit peverse given the medium. That said not everybody considers radio merely television without the pictures. One such individual is Mr Alan Dein, I’m sure I’ve banged on about him before now – if I haven’t you should investigate his work, as he’s plainly someone who does care, cares a lot and as a result someone who makes great radio. As this episode of his superlative Don’t Hang Up series shows.

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