I Am Invincible



I’ve no idea who this track is by. I think I took it from the band’s MySpace page which shows how long it’s been knocking about on my hard drive because I haven’t investigated a band through the hideous hallways of Mr Murdoch’s least propitious investment for some time now. Anyone any ideas ?

Anyway reason it’s here is because I love it and I think you should too – it’s wildly unassuming and not hugely well recorded but I think it’s just grand. It came to mind particularly after reading Miranda Sawyer’s quite bleak but additionally quite life affirming, (which is a difficult balancing act to achieve), piece in Sunday’s Observer about “the quiet desperation of a midlife crisis”, because although plainly I’m not invincible sometimes it pays to think positively.

And for those of you interested no I’m not, well I don’t think I am, although given that I’ve been in a self induced crisis since before I can remember it’s a little difficult to tell.

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