Say Cheese


I do like a bit of photography me.

However despite my best efforts I’ve never become more than, at best, a competent point and shoot protagonist. I like to kid myself that I could do better were it not for the fact that I have a limited patience when it comes to capturing an image, but I know that’s probably not true.

Thankfully others have much greater patience than me and it seems some even have the gift of patience coupled with a significant skill.

Mr Jim Mortram is one such individual and as such I’d like to alert you to the print sale he’s currently having. Unfortunately it’s a sale borne out of neccesity rather than desire as Jim’s personal computer recently joined the printed circuit afterlife and as such he’s a bit stuck until he raises funds for a new one. So given that (a) he’s a great photographer, with (b) prints available for very reasonable prices, I’d suggest you head over to his flickr stream pronto.

(And yes I’ve bought three of his photographs including a copy of the one above which was a PhotoRadar photo of the day.)

Finally, and whilst we’re on the subject of first class photographers from the fine city of Norwich, I should also refer you to Mr Nick Stone, master of the historical mash up, and Jo Millington who must be using some kind of equipment alien to me given the fact she takes the loveliest photographs you ever did see.

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