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As ever there’s just so much great stuff going on out there – and as ever a lot of it, like this, comes via Joe Moran’s blog which rarely fails to raise interest.

Pam Flett Press is, (and I’ll quote here because there’s obviously been quite some thought gone into these words), a “new independent serial exploring the aesthetics of everyday life. With an existence outside the professional sphere and not subject to the moderating (limiting?) influences of peer review or institutional regulation, the Press may be at times intemperate, effusive or downright inappropriate”.

Now some of that makes sense, and some of it doesn’t – but hey ! that’s how I like it.

The first two parts of the serial #1 “Call Yourself A Bloody Professional” and #2 “Lord Biro And The Writing On The Wall” recently arrived, despite the best efforts of the Royal Mail, and they’re just great.


#1 “Call Yourself A Bloody Professional – Introduces the serial with the use of sleeve notes from The Fall’s Totale’s Turns, which hopefully explains that Joanne Lee, (Joanne is the  protagonist / creator of the Pam Flett Press),  isn’t ploughing a particularly populist approach with the Pam Flett Press, and part two #Lord Biro And The Writing On The Wall talks about the use of names and the realisation that “what one calls things defines the relationship with those amongst who one lives”.

I wrote vaguely about the different layers of life created by experiences over here, but Joanne explains her thoughts about the plurality of localities so so much better than me :


I’d hugely recommend both parts of the serial so far – fascinating stuff, dense with ideas and references on the joys, or otherwise, of everyday life.

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