“What I Did On My Holiday” : Day #05


We didn’t really plan today because we assumed the weather would be as suggested and thus be pretty dismal, however despite the forecasters protestations it improved no end.

BLOG Samuel Lake, Darmoth [150611]

We started of in Dartmouth, admittedly in the rain and after a somewhat cursory wander round, (albeit with a quick hello to the inventor of pre-formed poured-concrete houses), we were all ready to return back to the comforts of our temporary home, however the weather suddenly lifted back into it’s natural position so we decided to head further North. North to Babbacombe Model Village !

BLOG Babbacombe Model Village [150611] (10)

To be honest the visit to the Model Village at Babbacombe was always going to happen during our visit to Devon and it didn’t disappoint with most of the staples of a model village being covered – wedding, house fire, cricket match etc, and much more besides. I think even the lady of the house was mildly impressed, once she’d stopped staggering about after paying the entrance fee anyway.

After the delights of “The South West’s Great Big Miniature Park!” we headed further North still to Teignmouth, principally because of my mild obsession with Donald Crowhurst and because it has a pier and we’d so far managed to miss any of the many in the area.

And the front at Teignmouth was just grand.

With the Teignmouth Open Bowls competition occurring on the municipal green sat next to the entrance to the pier the front was a hive of activity. We were without bowling woods so we took a quick, and hugely rewarding, visit to the pier instead finding a whole host of vintage machines inside including these tremendous change machines.

BLOG Teignmouth Pier [150611] BLOG Teignmouth Pier [150611] (2)
BLOG Teignmouth Pier [150611] (3) BLOG Teignmouth Pier [150611] (4)

Quiet why Mr Crowhurst decided that a life on the ocean wave was a better prospect than life in Teignmouth is beyond me, that said I do like to be beside the seaside.

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