“What I Did On My Holiday” : Day #04


An almost perfect day weather wise – if you like that kind of thing, I don’t normally but can excuse them occasionally. So Mr & Mrs Weir and I decided to take a stroll to Start Point Lighthouse which given that I’m not overly fond of heights or strenuous exercise was perhaps a little foolish.

That said the once I’d overcome the fear of falling to my untimely death, (albeit into a spectacularly blue sea – I didn’t realise seas surrounding the UK could be quite so blue), the walk was actually quite pleasant, even if our destination was closed due to “bad weather” – hmmm.

The highlight of the morning, (and possibly week), was the sighting of dolphins, (or porpoises ? I haven’t really worked out how to determine the difference), out in the bay stretched out before us. Couldn’t quite believe my initial sighting from the kitchen window, however the unmistakeable arc as it left then re-entered the water meant the explanations to what I’d seen were limited.

Unfortunately, (a word I’m allowed to use during my holidays), I have no photographic evidence of our sightings because a) my shortcomings as a camera man are long b) aquatic animals have a propensity to disappear under the water at will, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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