“What I Did On My Holiday” : Day #03


Awake with the sun again.

Today we decided to brave the highways of South Devon and initial indications seemed promising. However almost as soon as we settled into the luxuriant comforts of two way traffic we were returned to the single lane roller-coaster ride cut deep into the ground.

The positives of this kind of travelling, (if there are any), is that is does mean that when you eventually arrive at your destination you’re so exhilarated by arriving in one piece that the qualities of said location are almost irrelevant. That said our destination, Overbecks (a National Trust house and garden), was very pleasant – with views across the Kingsbridge Estuary and a house full of oddities collected by Otto Overbeck, a man responsible for the invention of the Overbeck’s Rejuvenator – essentially a low level electric shock treatment device  which strangely seems to have fallen out of favour.

Leaving Overbecks via Salcombe, (“Chelsea at sea” according to a local paper –  a town, I fear, where deck shoes are de rigueur), we dropped into Kingsbridge for a while, which seemed a little less pleased with itself in comparison, and boasts a Town Hall that’s now the local cinema, (an entirely sensible change of usage).

Then a slow return back with a quick look at Torcross, just round the corner from where we are based.

Torcross is a small village perched just off the beach and is most famous for being evacuated in 1943 so that troops could practice for the Normandy landings – so it’s a shame that a place with such a noble history could have ended up being quiet so unlovely.

In 1978 a storm ravaged the Devon coast and Torcoss was almost lost to the sea, if such a plan is suggested again I can’t see the petition against it’s demolition going quite so well.

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