“What I Did On My Holiday” : Day #01


Beware Traffic!

When we visited D********d P***s earlier in the year we sat and watched a car stunt show in which people involved in said world carried out a number of high octane performances, before replaying them but this time so all could see how the various tricks of the trade were deployed.

During the performance one particular section saw a car reversing at speed around a complex track. Minutes later the car was revealed to have a steering wheel and driver facing the back of the car rather than the front and thus allowing the car to travel backwards at high speed without the need for ever placing the car into reverse gear.

If you’re going to Devon can I suggest you invest in one of these vehicles before leaving home.

Admittedly I live in the flatlands of East Anglia but the single track roads carved out of stone are terrifying, and require an ability to drive backwards far greater than my ability to drive forwards.

That said the place we’re staying at is spectacularly located – just wish we could have arrived by boat.

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