Close To The Edge


Sometimes a whole host of things seem to connect – so forgive this abundance of links posing as a blogpost.

The above photograph was taken whilst I wandered around the empty car parks surrounding the Metropole Hotel in Birmingham – I was there for a conference with work which wasn’t doing a great deal for me so after the last session each day I investigated the environs further.

So it was good to see the same scene background part of the interview with Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts, authors of Edgelands, over on The Guardian’s website. I found the video as a result of looking into the history of Richard Mabey’s The Unofficial Countryside which I’d picked up almost by accident a few weeks before. When I’d bought it I hadn’t realised that it was written in 1973 and was such an influential piece of work – to be honest my purchase was probably based on the pylon adorning the cover.

Then the next day, due to an inordinately early start, I caught the self same gents on BBC Radio 4’s Open Country being interviewed by a somewhat unconvinced Richard Uridge – I wasn’t sure how long it would hang about on the iPlayer so in the spirit of Speechification I’ll put it up here. for a bit.

It’s, (to me), a fascinating subject, the Edgelands, and there seems to be so much interesting stuff written about them. Maybe I’ll come back to you / me on the subject when I’ve investigated further.

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