You Are Here


I live a fairly ordinary life, albeit an extraordinarily enjoyable and lucky one.

And as a result of this I am somewhat prone to daydream, to imagine other almost parallel worlds layered atop the one I clock in and out of.  I don’t necessarily mean parallel worlds constructed by an overly florid imagination but those we all create through knowledge and experience.

Mike Migurski talked much more eloquently around this subject than I ever could at the last Interesting when talking specifically about and how a particular and much photocopied street map of San Francisco had turned into a kind of paper wiki through the various hand written updates added by successive users.

I mention this because I’ve been further intrigued by the thought on the back of reading Death Toll, the new novel by Jim Kelly.

Jim is a crime novelist who’s three books into his latest series based in and around my hometown of King’s Lynn, (the other two being Death Watch and Death Wore White), and Death Toll is the first of his books that I’ve read, (I recommend it to you if the genre in question is to your liking). It’s local setting means the subject of parallel worlds seems suddenly particularly pertinent, pertinent because  the narrative is set against a largely factional, (yes I know but how else to describe it ?), local landscape that regularly strays over into the fictional.

So now somewhere deep in my thinking is a new King’s Lynn where locations I know are altered, removed and even occasionally added to. A King’s Lynn that will be alien to anyone but those who have read the necessary text. A King’s Lynn that doesn’t actually physically  exist.

I’ve no idea where I’m going with these thoughts however I suppose for me it’s about understanding that when we’re stood looking at a map noting our location, (“You are here !”), it can mean so many varied and different things.

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