Journey To The Centre Of . . .


As you’ll have hopefully noticed I passed the forty year mark recently. And to celebrate the event we, (myself and the much younger Mrs Weir), decided to spend a week hidden away in deepest darkest Wales. However before we arrived – more of which at a later date – we took a short detour to Meriden, somewhat self styled as the exact centre of England.

I don’t really know what I was expecting to see when we arrived however you’d perhaps assume that this relatively unassuming village would make a little more of a song and dance about such a claim, you’d be wrong though. (And I quite like that to be honest).

As well as the cross marking the centre of England another monument sat on Meriden’s central green with an intriguing plaque remembering “those cyclists who gave their lives in World War II”. Quite why and how this monument came into being is it seems a bit of a mystery, the only thing that I could find about the it was this : “The memorial was erected with subscriptions from cyclists and cycling clubs following a public meeting held in October 1919. It was placed in Meriden to make it easier for cyclists to reach it from anywhere in the country and is the site of an annual rally and service every May.”

But given the monument is dedicated to those cyclists who gave their lives in World War II it would have been a somewhat prescient decision to make in 1919 surely ?

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