It Was Forty Years Ago Today


Well forty years ago today Mr Daniel Weir made his first appearance.

According to The Guardian the main stories of that day included promises by Prime Minister Heath on action on “cars for haemophiliacs”, (no I don’t either), and concerns regarding the use of nudity in an advertising campaign advising people to wash regularly, (yes to clarify 1970 not 1870). The mighty Norwich City FC were sixth in the second division, (when that meant something), 4 Waveband radios were available for only 16 1/2 gns, the weather forecasted was “rain to follow fog and mist”, (which may explain a great deal), and on BBC1 Z Cars followed Ask The Family.

Quite a day I think you’ll agree.

2 Responses to “It Was Forty Years Ago Today”

  1. Have the happiest birthday! 40 is just another number after all 🙂

  1. 1 Journey To The Centre Of . . . | dig your fins

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