“Don’t tell him Pike !”


I’m always surprised by the number of places, (locally speaking), that I’ve passed through but never investigated further, (which is one of the reasons for this). So it was good to actually stop somewhere I’ve never stopped before whilst on my travels yesterday, namely the town of Thetford.

Thetford doesn’t get a terribly good press locally – to be honest nowhere in Norfolk gets a very good press locally except Norwich, which is perhaps as much about the fact that most of the press derives from there than anything. However given that I wasn’t there for more than a couple of hours it’s perhaps unfair for me to judge wholly either way. That said any town that boasts former inhabitants including Boudica, Thomas Paine and my new hero, Harry Bensley, (you really should investigate him further), is a town surely worth more than momentary consideration.

Anyways I was there for a reason and that was to visit the Dad’s Army Museum and the newly unveiled statue paying tribute to a certain Mr Arthur Lowe and a very particular Captain Mainwaring, (I have difficulty separating the two).

I found the statue almost as soon as I arrived, sat by the river in the centre of the town and as more modern statues go it’s not a bad effort, although he does cut a somewhat, (perhaps appropriately), forlorn figure sat alone on his bench in all his finery . . .

The Dad’s Army Museum was more difficult to find tucked away on the other side of town however it’s a perfect little museum, (only three or four rooms), packed with memorabilia and staffed by a number of extremely friendly and hugely knowledgeable fans. I’ll even forgive them the no photography signs, (which as you can see I didn’t notice until I was on the way out), given that the museum is also free to get in.

So I’m undecided on Thetford but hey how many of your local towns house a museum decicated to Dad’s Army, eh ?

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