Swell Maps


After the somewhat austere New Movement In Cities below I thought I’d re-introduce some colour and some locality to the proceedings with this lovely map produced by Blakes (Norfolk Broads Holidays) Ltd. that I picked up at the weekend.

Do these type of maps exist anymore ? Or are we cursed to live with a hyper real (rather than a hyperreal)  Google Street View of the world ? I mean Google et al is useful it’s just not very poetic is it ?

And then I came home to find this on my doormat.

This is the first Puffin book I’ve owned (at least in adulthood) and it was purchased through a popular auction site on the back of the fabulous books on Puffin that I received after joining the Penguin Collector’s Society. I don’t usually buy such things online, I prefer to pick them up in charity shops piece by piece rather than wholsale – however in all the time I’ve been collecting Penguins and Ladybirds I’ve never found one of these Puffins.

I will be looking harder from now on though because they are just great.

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