Transport Should Have DELIGHT


Not many purchases to speak of during my recent, (and regular), trawls around the local charity shops, however I was really pleased to pick up a copy of New Movement In Cities by Brian Richards last week.

To be honest I had no idea of Mr Brian Richard’s status or indeed the fact that during the 1960s New Movement In Cities was a must-have text. It’s a great book full of fantastic science fiction solutions to the problems of the movement of large numbers of pedestrians, most of which seem not to have ever come to fruition. However what jumped out at me when flicking through the book was the sentence – “Transport should have DELIGHT” – how great is that as a sentence in a book like this ? Shame he was largely ignored though eh . . .

The StaRCar ! Below St. Pancras Station . . .
Terrifying Paternoster lifts . . . "Transport should have DELIGHT."

The excellent things magazine have also written about New Movement In Cities some time ago, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, they know a lot more about it than me. As it happens they know a lot more than me about most things.

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