The New Christian Cheese Shop


Today is National Poetry Day, a day to celebrate poetry across the UK – and this year’s theme, (because hey we all need a theme), is home.

As it happens I do like a bit of poetry so it’s good to be reminded that it’s sat their on the shelf waiting to be read. To be honest most of it is beyond me and I’m constantly confused by it’s construction but I do try.

Many years ago I interviewed John Hegley for a fanzine (ask your parents) and remember him saying that he thought most people ignored most poetry because most poetry ignored most people, (if I recall correctly he was paraphrasing Adrian Mitchell), and I suppose he had a point. That said today there’s no excuse . . . so I recommend to you the latest book by Simon Armitage “Seeing Stars” – which collects together a number of excellent prose poems (?) including the splendidly titled Cheeses of Nazareth which opens with a tremendous first line :

“I fear for the long-term commercial viability of the new Christian cheese shop in our neighbourhood.”

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