Special Delivery


A very fine selection of post through the door at Weir HQ this week, the highlight of which was the first fruits of my membership to the Penguin Collector’s Society. Included was the suitably handsome Society ‘magazine’, their Annual Report (which in the cover alone is more lovely than most) and in addition two gorgeous softback books on Puffin Picture Books – as part of the 70th anniversary, (which in turn has reminded me to put this on the ever increasing ‘to get at some point hopefully’ list). Whilst I’ve always tended to agree with Mr G Marx in so much that, “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”, the Penguin Collector’s Society is a very definite exception.

Drawn Direct to the Plate by Joe Pearson

Drawn Direct to the Plate by Joe Pearson

The other treat was issue four of It’s Nice That which came with a rather fine James Jarvis print and features a whole host of great stuff including work from Dutch graphic designer Baster whose bicycle-less cyclists are an early highlight.

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