On the first day of this year The Independent newspaper allowed me to change my occupation to artist, then shortly after I was involved in my first exhibition down in London. So by this point in the year I had fully expected to be in the running for the Turner prize or at the very least to have received an invitation to join the Royal Academy of Arts, however neither have been forthcoming and to be honest it’s me that’s been responsible for the limited development of my once burgeoning artistic career, no one else is to blame.

But I have good news ! Having concentrated on mainly sculptural works earlier in the year I’m pleased to announce that the next stage of my meteoric rise will be photographic. Some of you will have already seen the works in question if you’ve been here before however if you haven’t then get yourself along to Portcullis House in Westminster, London over the next weekend where they will be available for all to see at Simon Roberts’ Election Project 2010 Exhibition.

If you’re not aware of Simon’s work then you’re in for a treat as, I suppose like all the very best photographers, he takes the visually ordinary and works some kind of magic resulting in the production of the most extraordinarily beautiful photographs, photographs full of intriguing unfinished story, photographs seemingly from another place. And yes it is difficult to explain these things  – go and have a look on his website and make up your own mind.

Anyway if you want to see Simon’s election photographs as well as the one thousand six hundred and ninety six submitted by the wider electorate, (yes ok it’s not just me and him), then get yourself along to Portcullis House.  I’m intending to try and get along on Sunday although given that I’ve been reliably informed that a number of the photographs I submitted were to all intents and purposes illegal I’m a little nervous – apparently photography in the polling booth is considered somewhat beyond the pale.

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