Say Cheese


Attempted Martin Parr #1

I love taking photographs and I love the work of Martin Parr. Disappointingly I’m not terribly good but that doesn’t worry me to any great extent because the process of taking photographs is half the pleasure. That said it’s always good to get advice from someone who can and Martin’s short piece on “how to take better holiday photographs” is an excellent start, with the assertion that you should “make sure you document when everything isn’t going to plan as well” indicating that a good photographer isn’t just someone who knows how to use a camera.

Attempted Martin Parr #2

2 Responses to “Say Cheese”

  1. excellent stuff.

    imagine if that dog had a really small head and a long giraffe like neck and was actually facing to the right on the bottom photo. that would definitely be worth taking a snap of

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    If I ever see a dog with a really small head with a long giraffe like neck I’ll be sure to take a photo and you’ll be the first to see it !

    DW x

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