Super Furry Animals


I worked at my last place of employment for far too long. Far far too long.

During my time there when those who did move onto pastures new reached their day of departure they often received a somewhat disappointing print of the square where the office was located.

It always seemed a sad memento of the hours spent processing moistly pointless departmental paperwork but I suppose in that respect it was appropriate.

When I left I thankfully sidestepped this particular gift although this did mean that I’ve had a gap on my wall waiting a suitable replacement for some time now. So I’m extremely pleased to announce that having at last tracked down a copy of Pippa Unwin’s excellent The Great Zoo Hunt (which is somewhat harshly reviewed if you follow that link) I now have my very own artistic interpretation of the Tuesday Market Place in King’s Lynn, well not my own but you get my point.

I remember seeing this somewhat stylised view of King’s Lynn’s perhaps most famous space in Pippa’s book many years ago although only came to recollect it when seeing it again at the recent King’s Lynn – A Festival Town, People & Places exhibition at the King’s Lynn Art’s Centre. The book itself is a beautifully drawn Where’s Waldo styled effort where you’re challenged to find animals who’ve escaped from the local zoo – I won’t spoil your search, however if you look at the large resolution pictures here and here you may have better luck.

For those of you on the edge of your seats about what happened in the next instalment of my thrillingly exciting life fear not – when I left the aforementioned place of work I decided to embrace the global employment market and now work just under two hundred metres away from the last place. Marco Polo I’m not eh ?

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