“Pigeons In Flight”*


When my mind wanders at work (and if you work with me you’ll know that that’s a very rare occurrence) my eye is often caught by a loft of pigeons (ah the joy of collective nouns eh ?) circling the building preparing to return home. I do love those pigeons although how they relate to the cumbersome creatures that crash around the grounds of the Weir residence (and yes I am) is anyone’s guess.

So I was pleased to pay homage to our feathered friends at Lyndall Phelps’ exhibition The Pigeon Archive over at the King’s Lynn Art’s Centre (until the 14th August), which sees her throw light on the under reported place that pigeons held in both the First and Second World Wars

Through various photographs, sculpture and video Lyndall documents the roles the pigeons had and the perilous danger most of them ended up in which all seemed wholly incongruous looking back from the twenty first century.

Highlight for me though was the strangely hypnotic video footage taken by a pigeon flying high above the Cambridgeshire fens.

* Which is a great excuse to link to this.

2 Responses to ““Pigeons In Flight”*”

  1. i knew what you were going to link to even before i got there. you didn’t disappoint. delighted. ooof.

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Gald I brought a little bit of Sheffield’s finest into your day.

    DW x

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