“A Good Place For A Cup Of Tea And A Think”


I found out about the above exhibition before we went away to Ireland and I thought that I’d missed the opportunity to go along so was really pleased that after looking back upon my return I noticed that I’d got the dates wrong.

So after a morning of somewhat mundane activities – obviously you’re entitled to find household chores wildly exciting – we drove over to Ely, which given that it was Saturday afternoon and the height of summer meant that we were far from alone.

I’d not been to the Babylon Gallery before so it was a pleasant surprise being small, seemingly well formed and sat alongside the river. Perhaps more importantly the exhibition was good too – a great collection of photographs by Sam Mellish of some of the many roadside services available to those traversing the roads of East Anglia.

The exhibition has now finished however having had a dig around most of the photos featured in the show (I think) can be found in this flickr set, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to see them.

If the world of road services interests you (and to be frank it really should) then I should recommend you to Russell Davies’ excellent eggsbaconchipsandbeans blog (which although isn’t specifically about roadside services does cross over into the subject somewhat). As it happens there is an excellent little book in respect of the blog and he also has another similar blog (again well worth a look) called a good place for a cup of tea and a think, which sounds like a good title for a blogpost too eh ?

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