Got, Got, Got, Need!


I don’t know when football stickers were first introduced to the world however they were first introduced to my world in 1981. I can’t recollect what the title of the sticker collection was, back in those days we still had the First Division proper, however I can recollect that the last sticker I needed to complete the collection was Mr Mick Mills of Ipswich Town Football Club.

Twenty five plus years later I’ve no idea what happened to my collection and as it happens I can’t actually remember whether I ever located Mr Mick Mills. Now I buy the stickers – and cards – for my nephew who has the same insatiable appetite for them but also the advantage of a dozy uncle with money to spare.

So when I came across Elliot Quince’s (great name eh) “Got, Got, Got, Need! – Taking football stickers out of the playground and into the art gallery” project I decided that I needed to add one of the one hundred prints he’s produced for my ‘collection’ and as such print number 61/100 now sits next to me waiting a frame and a space on my wall.

Now all I need to do is to locate the other ninety nine prints to complete the set.

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