Yes ! We Have Bananas !


Day #07

A day forecast clear of rain saw us return to Dublin – and after getting embroiled momentarily behind the scenes at the Fruit & Vegetable Market we parked up and found our way into town.

As we were still new to the Republic of Ireland’s capital city and unlikely to return in the near future, (nothing personal Dublin you’re just a long way from home), we thought we’d embrace the tourist shtick to it’s fullest and travel the various places of import via an open top bus. Obviously, given that we were open to weather, the clouds gathered, the wind picked up and the rain eventually arrived – seemingly a day forecast clear of rain means a day with rain but not too much rain.

Arriving back where we started we disembarked and spent the rest of the day wandering around the Northern half of the city (having somewhat explored the Southern earlier in the week). I visited the half decent Hugh Lane Gallery, met James Joyce being largely ignored in the street and spent far too long and far too much in the wonderful Chapters bookstore which I’d recommend hugely to you – could have spent hours and much more  had I had the time and the funds available.

Then after we’d all found where we’d parked up earlier (ahem) we drove slowly back to our temporary home still disappointed by the road signage adopted by the Irish government.

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