Go And Sit Upon The Grass


Day #08

Given the amount of driving planned for tomorrow we kept our travels to a minimum today with a short drive North to Beaulieu House & Gardens which were just as lovely as the sunshine was surprising. The attached car museum was also surprising, however unlike the Beaulieu Motor Museum in England which has over two hundred and fifty vehicles, Beaulieu in County Louth in Ireland has just four. F o u r.

2 Responses to “Go And Sit Upon The Grass”

  1. that’s not really a museum if it’s only got 4 cars is it ? you get more than that outside the average suburban semi.

    perhaps it’s the suburban semis which are missing the trick by not charging an entrance fee.

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    It’s not you’re right ! I like a small museum but this did drop below what I thought would be a minimum. I currently have my sister’s old VW Beetle on my drive and I’m thinking of fencing it off and charging a couple of quid to have a peek.

    DW x

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