A Modern Antiquarian


Day #06

Out and about today to Newgrange, a prehistoric monument located only a few miles from where we’re staying. Had we done a bit more research on the area we’d have found out that Newgrange is actually part of the Brú na Bóinne UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a bit odd because they don’t make much of this locally.

Newgrange is undoubtedly somewhere of enourmous significance however the “disneyfication” of the site doesn’t really sit right. Admittedly the way it’s been dealt with isn’t as awful as the debacle that surrounds Stonehenge however it does seem peverse that such reverence surrounds a largely modern rebuild from the 1970s. Reading from Julian Cope’s Megalithic European in the shop nearby he makes more sense on the matter than me.

That said the location of the monument did allow an impressive view of the local countryside so I can’t complain really.

Then following our short exercise in time travel we stopped off in the local town Drogheda which was unfortunately difficult to see through the torrential rain, so returned ‘home’ to live like millionaires and play Yahtzee in the sun which eventually arrived almost as quickly as the rain departed.

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