I Read The News Today, Oh Boy


Last time I was in London I had time to wander across Tower Bridge to the Design Museum to see the Brit Insurance Designs Of The Year. Unlike my previous visit, which was hugely disappointing, the exhibition was just great, with the inclusion of The Newspaper Club being a particular highlight.

I’m not sure when, or where, my love of newspapers comes from – perhaps it’s inherited, because I always remember newspapers being around when I was a kid. I was fascinated by their import and gravitas coupled with the fact that they were so easily discarded, reused and recycled. As I got older their ability to pause and reflect on events seemed preferable to the increasingly incessant and needlessly urgent world of rolling news.

So the constantly reported (online anyway) story of the demise of newspapers is a particularly disappointing one for me. However perhaps it’s too early to abandon hope entirely in the format as in a similar way, perhaps, to the resurgence of the use of vinyl in an otherwise largely digital world – inhabitants of the online world are rediscovering the joy of “putting ink on newsprint” via The Newspaper Club, who explain things thus :

“If you want us in a nutshell it’s this; we think the web is wonderful and printed newspapers are a tremendous, highly-evolved way of reading stuff. We think combining the two is a good idea. We’re not about news or any particular form of content, we’re about ink on newsprint. Whatever you think would be good to print that way; we think you’re probably right.”

Although it’s still fairly early days for The Newspaper Club they’ve already been a conduit (is that what I mean ?) for some great work including the very first (and hopefully self explanatory) production piece Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet, an Arsenal / Tottenham derby day paper Two Halves – written by bloggers representing, as the title suggests, both sides, 1947 a selection of extracts from Wardlocks 1947 Guide to London produced by Ryan Dixon and As It Is To-Day from Chris Heathcote, which in a similar way to 1947 takes extracts from books (such as London As It Is To-Day) and throws them “together (in) a newspaper or two” because they “would be rather too long to read on screen”.

So if you interested in newspapers or to be honest just interested in being interested then I’d suggest you definitely keep an eye on what’s happening at The Newspaper Club.


To continue the theme two more productions via The Newspaper Club have come to my attention – one via my postbox and one via my inbox :

May Fade in Direct Sunlight is newspaper produced for Andy Smith (who kindly sent me a copy) and although as he says “its a bit light on stories but has plenty of pictures” it’s just gorgeous – featuring a selection of his silkscreen prints – all of which I’d happily own given a slightly more positive standing in my financial portfolio, (just to clarify I have no idea what a financial portfolio is).

Paper Science only appeared yesterday to celebrate Free Comic Book Day, highlighting the best and brightest of the UK comics (including fellow #100dayer Edward Ross), unfortunately it was only available at a number of locations in London however it is available to download here and rather refreshingly they’ve stated that as it’s been published under a Creative Commons license anyone in the world can publish their very own copy.

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