Taken By Trees


Unfortunately driving through Norfolk during an election campaign is not a terribly rewarding experience if you support anyone other than the Conservatives – it seems that every tree round our way supports Henry Bellingham.

Which does mean that any efforts that I contribute to The Election Project – a photography project being run by the very fine Simon Roberts, the official Election Artist no less – may appear a little one sided.

3 Responses to “Taken By Trees”

  1. now here’s a strange thing. apparently they are thinking of electronically tagging trees here. so perhaps it really will be one tree one vote in future ?


  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Electronically tagging trees eh – do you have that few in NZ ? Seems rather an ambitious plan. I’ve always loved trees (not literally) but their (perhaps to be fair – enforced) recent move to Conservatism has led me to become somewhat suspicious of them in recent weeks.

    DW x

  3. perhaps they are preparing to a offer a helping branch on which to hang a hung parliament ?

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