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We had our first election leaflet through the door yesterday, from the incumbent Conservative, who’s been the MP for the constituency I live in for a while now – so I was a little surprised with the line he’s leading with “Vote for change in North West Norfolk on 6th May”, because that’s surely a little self defeating ?

As it happens I’m hugely supportive of his efforts to achieve change in North West Norfolk although the data available at www.voterpower.org.uk seems to indicate that I’m going to have to club together with others to make that happen.

What makes it more difficult to make that change though is the attitude of some of those who I could (and normally would) consider voting for. So for the first time in my life I’m going to be voting for the local Liberal Democrat candidate, not because I particularly want to see Nick Clegg in Number 10 (although the thought doesn’t appall me) but specifically because I don’t want to see David Cameron (and more importantly Rupert Murdoch and his ilk) anywhere near said address.

If you are at all interested in why my thinking is as it is (and I’m more than happy for you not to be) I think these two fabulous pieces of writing – “The forces that have been blocking British democracy are becoming visible in this election” and “If you’re looking for class war, you can find it – in David Cameron’s policies” – from Johann Hari explain far better than I ever could.

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