Lonesome Goodnight Music


Given my recent obsession with Lego my mind has been concentrating on things highly coloured and largely geometric of late so given that the finishing line has now been crossed in respect of the ‘One Hundred Days’ project I have the opportunity to blather on about some stuff that I really should have blathered about before now.

The first post Lego subject for discussion (actually it’s now the second but hey) is the wonderful wonderful second album by Rory McVicar, “Another Sleepless Night”. If Rory is someone that you’re not aware of then lucky you, you’re in for a treat – and if he is someone that you are aware then err lucky you you’re in for a treat – I’m hoping you get my drift . . .

Because ? Well because he has a casual effortless talent that most of us would trade a great deal for. “Another Sleepless Night” is an extraordinarily good, mainly acoustic, record, well crafted and beautifully soporific (in the best sense of the word) with Rory’s wonderful voice a continual delight. Quite how a record as good as this passes by the majority of the great British public is baffling and a little frustrating. Actually that’s not true it’s a lot frustrating.

So to ease my frustration and to allow yourself to become the owner of a very fine record go visit http://rorymcvicar.co.uk where “Another Sleepless Night” is available as a download (with a “name your price” policy – albeit with a minimum price of £5.00 because hey Rory’s not working with a Radiohead bank balance here) and as a limited edition, numbered and signed heavyweight vinyl LP at £10.

I’d suggest you buy both.


Also on the musical track, although traversing a wholly different route, I should bring to your attention the very fine work of a certain gentleman who’s currently recording under the name of Wirescan.

In a place almost diametrically opposed to where Rory McVicar is located Wirescan finds himself inhabiting the intricately categorised world of electronica – if you wish to have a stab at his exact location drop me a line I’d be interested to know myself – I’d call it upbeat, complex and, and not unlike Rory’s record, well crafted – and if I was pushed to specific reference points I’d suggest that somewhere within Wirescan’s genetic makeup is a hint of the work produced by the brothers Hartnoll, I’d consider that a compliment – I hope he does too.

The quality of the work Wirescan produces is without question, the quantity of available material though is so far limited. So if you like what you hear drop him a line via his MySpace account – demanding more and demanding it now !

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