The Eighth Wonder Of The World


The Pillar Of Salt, Bury St Edmunds

Given that today is the start of British Tourism Week I think that it’s about time I introduced you to a British visitor attraction that should be featuring much more prominently on the official website, namely Bury St Edmund’s Pillar Of Salt.

Having lived in the wilds of East Anglia for nearly all of my life now it is with great concern that it has taken me until the age of thirty nine to visit said attraction and with further concern still that I had to seek it out rather than be recommended to it.

So what is it ? Well the Pillar of Salt is the name given to a Grade II listed road sign found on Angel Hill in the town of Bury St Edmunds. According to the plaque set at the foot of the sign it was designed by Basil Oliver, architect to Bury St. Edmunds Town Council, erected in 1935 and is considered to be “the first internally illuminated traffic sign in this country”.

Much more than that I can’t tell you but quite frankly that should be plenty eh ?

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