#101, #102, #103 . . .


Well it’s all over now.

I spent last Wednesday aka day one hundred travelling down to London to visit (and exhibit in) ‘The Museum Of 100 Days’ and perhaps more importantly to meet a whole host of people I’d never met before, people who over the last one hundred days had been doing some amazing things.

‘The Museum Of 100 Days’ was a temporary museum for all the physical manifestations resulting from the various individuals who’d signed up to the 100 Days To Make Me A Better Person project and although it was housed in a somewhat unloved space in a less than exotic corner of Dalston it was a delight.

Edward Ross’ comic strips stole the show for me looking just great in real life – I’m going to hassle him until he starts selling them as prints because they looked grand in their frames – Sarah K’s photographs also looked lovely presented in this exquisite album. I can’t mention all the exhibits because there were so many of them worth far more time than I could unfortunately give however Mia Wallden’s illustrations suddenly came to life where before they hadn’t really appeared on my radar, @pageantmalarkey’s lists were a great splash of colour and Heidi Kuisma’s photographs made a welcome appearance even though she was still in Glasgow.

However it was meeting and talking with those who’d been involved in the project that I most enjoyed, Lizzie Poulton was lovely and felt like a friend as soon as I met her (even given that I managed to leave a promised Monopoly banknote in my car) and although I’ve been reading and seeing Edward in comic form for many many days now I failed to recognise him when he came over and said hello (which says more about my eyesight that his illustrative skills).

Quite how such a simple idea snowballed into so much for so many people is anyone’s guess however I think Chrissy Williams summed it up best :

“Whatever we decide to do every day affects us. We affect other people, so what we do affects them. Small things accumulate into big things. This means that small things matter.”

One of Nick Donnelly's excellent #100days paintings.

I had no idea what I was going to do with my Lego constructions after arriving but because I had to leave a little early and because in a weird way I’ve never felt as if they were entirely mine I decided to donate them to all who were interested in introducing a little Lego into their lives.

So @edward_ross managed to return home with a stegosaurus – which must have made the journey home to Scotland more troublesome, @SheenNotHeard now has a blue fish peering at him from a bookshelf, @twentington gained an aeroplane and then took a much better picture of it than I managed (see above), missyaggrevation left the event a trucker, @pageantmalarkey is now the proud owner of a diplodocus (which not many of us can say), @mondoagogo an elephant, pleasingly and thanks to @LizziePoulton @millar is now the rightful owner of the sit-up Lego man and Lizzie chose a sheep (which was one of my favourites). Where the others are is anyone’s guess . . .

Not sure who this was by . . . sorry.

Finally possibly the most important thing I learnt all evening (other than now knowing transporting Lego models across the nation is less than straight forward) was typed onto a sheet and stuck firmly on the wall (unfortunately my photo was very poor and I can’t actually recall who was responsible – was it John Geoghegan ?), which stated :

“The boy who didn’t cry wolf also got eaten. The end”.

8 Responses to “#101, #102, #103 . . .”

  1. Hi Daniel

    I’m a fellow 100 Dayer and also had a lovely time last Wednesday night meeting some wonderful, talented, funny people – it was such a great project to be involved with (mine were the illustrations on index cards, with the pretzel postcard plinth…). I agree – Eddie Ross totally stole the show and I was too shy to ask him if he planned on selling the framed comics… I was also too shy to take one of your wonderful Lego pieces, another one of my fave projects…I coveted the tiny white goose all evening and then left (early to catch a train) without it…Sigh…

    It’s been great following your project – I’d really like to get a list together of 100 Dayers who might be interested in doing another project at some point soon, so if you’re interested let me know!

    kellee 🙂

    • 2 danielweiresq

      Hello Kellee

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

      Even at this stage I’m still connecting names and projects so I’m glad to bring another two together in my head. One of the few pieces of swag I managed to remember to collect on the night was one of your pretzel postcards – I would have collected more but I was a bit overawed by the event and had to leave relatively early for work the next day. So your postcard currently sits proudly in front of me on my desk at home – all I need to do now is collect the other ninety nine to complete the set !

      I did have a chat with Ed and I think if nothing else he’s going to be collecting all the #100days strips together somehow – which I think would make an excellent comic given the variety of strips that he drew.

      Shame you didn’t manage to go home with a Lego construction however I understand your reticence – I was a bit worried that I’d stick up my belatedly scribbled sign only for people to wonder why they’d want to take a piece home, so I’m glad some did !

      As for a list of 100 Dayers interested in doing another project – count me in ! If whatever you do is half as enjoyable as this on it’ll be great.

      Take care and keep in touch.

      DW x

  2. 3 LWF

    The ‘100 days’ model and a blue dog came back to perch on the London Word Festival office mantlepiece.Great to see you at the show.

    • 4 danielweiresq

      Hey that’s great – should have thought of ensuring you went away with the ‘100 Days’ piece – glad that you did in the end ! Thanks for a great night and for all the efforts those involved in organising the event made.

      DW x

  3. 5 emma

    Hi Daniel, great summing-up post. It’s been a brilliant project to be part of, and it’s nice that it didn’t all end on Day 100. I’m still catching up and finding ace things I missed at the time.

    Thank you again for the Lego tree. I love it!

    Emma x

  4. 6 danielweiresq

    Thanks Emma – and yes I’m still catching up on stuff missed during the #100days as well. Glad you came away with something Lego based !

    DW x

  5. I did feel cheeky leaving with the truck but I justify it by having two happy little boys!

    The final event was fabulous and I loved seeing all your Lego creations.

  6. 8 danielweiresq

    Don’t feel guilty at all – that’s what I meant to happen and if they have a new life after #100days then even better ! The final event was indeed fabulous . . .

    DW x

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