One hundred days ago I noticed the tweet above from @mondoagogo. I had no idea what #100days was so I wandered over to the website and found out that :

From 1 December 2009, Josie Long cordially invites you to pledge to do one thing every day for 100 days in a bid to generally make things better.

The plan is simple:

1. Register here with your name, email and pledge

2. From 1 December, this pledge must be fulfilled every day for 100 days (or longer if the spirit of goodwill takes hold!)

3. Document your activity where possible – snap it, film it, write about it – and keep us updated on how you’re getting along

So on a whim I decided to register and I pledged to play with Lego for one hundred days. So far (it’s day ninety nine today) I have done so without fail and perhaps more importantly have done so whilst having a great deal of fun ! (I also got a mention in the Independent on New Year’s Day which was a bid odd, especially as they promoted me to the role of artist.)

That said what’s been the most enjoyable aspect of the project for me has been the sense of community and the pleasure in seeing other pledgers efforts take shape, from Edward Ross and his wonderful wonderful comic strips which I’d love to own if he decides to publish them to Heidi and her quite spectacularly good photographs (which always make me wonder whether she’s using some magic machine rather than just, hey, a camera) to Ade Brown’s walks (including this inspired route in Love week). There’s just been so many great pledges and so much good stuff produced as a result I just haven’t got the time to mention them all.

However by far and above my favourite effort has been the writings by @Duchamps_Bride over at his blog Untitled #23. Unfortunately because life got in the way Howard only managed fourteen entries towards his pledge but boy talk about quality over quantity. Fourteen brilliant pieces of writing on art which I really can’t recommend to you enough with my favourite being his blog from day number one about a piece of conceptual art by Felix Gonzales Torres, just such a great piece of written work.

So thanks to all those involved it’s been great

Day one hundred tomorrow !

3 Responses to “#100days”

  1. well done you. excellent work i’ve really enjoyed watching the collection build up from afar !

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Why thank you kind sir it’s been fun am glad you enjoyed watching the progress . . .

    DW x

  1. 1 on becoming a better person | mondo a-go-go

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