#082/100 – #090/100


Unfortunately due to having been incredibly busy and under the weather over the last couple of weeks I’ve been enormously tardy with regard to my ‘100 Days’ pledge – it’s not that I haven’t been keeping to my pledge it’s just that I haven’t had the chance to photograph what I’ve made – as I’ve grumbled on at length about previously I haven’t been able to take many decent photographs and given the lack of natural light we’ve had recently it just hasn’t been worth it.

Anyways I’ve now managed to catch up with the photographs (albeit still unsatisfyingly in man made lighting) which is just as well as the days are now beginning to count down to the final marker.

Day#082, day #083, day #084, day #085, day #086, day #087, day #088, day #089 and day #090.

One Response to “#082/100 – #090/100”

  1. i had been wondering what had happened. And then you arrive with a whole gift pack for us ! love the tree with fruit.

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