#073/100 – #076/100


Well the week of plagiarism continues.

To start with is an effort above paying homage to James Clayon’s pledge of ‘One Hundred Mythical Creatures in Haiku’. I bring you the Legoasauras :

Post-box red and a yellow head with blank empty eyes, and wheels as well !

Actually more difficult than I thought because I’m not wholly sure how many syllables the word ‘wheels’ has in it. If it’s one (which I’m sure it is) then I’m ok, if not then I apologise . . . at the very least it is attempted plagiarism.

The next efforts are two identical constructions which are influenced by the excellent Dominic McKenna who is “taking a picture of somebody smiling every day for 100 days”. (I enjoyed making the first so much that another seemed a good idea – and in that respect I’ve kind of plagiarised myself ?).

And the final effort in this post is as below and is a pledge that many have made although the first one I found on the list was from “Ara (who) will do at last half an hour of maths”. Yes I’ll admit the maths in question is not as tricky as you’d perhaps hope for a thirty nine year old man but hey I’m building maths here – beat that !

Click for bigger pic !

One Response to “#073/100 – #076/100”

  1. that top photo is inspired ! great stuff (and completely undermines your earlier comment about not being able to photo your creations decently !)

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