#069/100 – #072/100


Still can’t successfully take pictures of my Lego creations – seems to be an entirely random process, with occasional success in-between some dreadful efforts. The two flowers below for instance look like they were taken in some kind of dungeon – not a place you’ll often find many examples of exotic flora. And the horse I built for day number #069 looks so forlorn I’ve left him to hide away on flickr.

Anyway today is the start of the second (actually maybe third) themed week and the theme is plagiarism. So I decided to start with an attempt to plagiarise Scotty and Mr Zak’s project in which for 100 days they are kissing in front of a London monument and taking a photograph to document the event. Now I’m working with Lego so a) London monuments take up a lot of Lego (St Pancras for instance) and b) Lego figures tend not to get overly amorous (please don’t forward me pictures proving otherwise). So my first attempt at plagiarism is as above – yes I know there’s no actual kiss but come on you must be able to see the love in their eyes, it’s surely only a matter of time.

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