I can’t think why but when recently listing some of the aspects of King’s Lynn that delight me I completely forgot about the King’s Lynn Arts Centre. I’ve been a regular visitor for many years now so it’s omission was unforgivable, especially in a town with such few cultural highlights.

A hugely important place with a hugely enjoyable exhibition currently running, namely Lost and Found. An exhibition about “anything lost or found, a curious object found on the street or a story or memory about an object or person that has been lost”

In preparation to visiting the exhibition I’d manage to find a pair of glasses abandoned (I hope) in the local high street. (They were like pince-nez glasses but that description caused far to much confusion so for the sake of argument they became ordinary everyday glasses . . )

Upon arriving at the exhibition the glasses were listed in a grand ledger (which will probably keep them going for some considerable time) and I was given a receipt, they were then ceremoniously received on a red velvet cushion held by a white gloved bureau clerk (well the white gloves were absent on our visit but hey I don’t stand too much on ceremony), before being photographed and transferred to the Lost and Found Repository – a wonderful collection of all the items listed and housed in the Red Barn next door.

Quite how such a ramshackle collection of odds and ends can be so affecting is difficult to explain however the process of formally listing, tagging and photographing the items does seem to transform these pieces of day to day detritus into something very different.

If you’re in the area and get the chance do go along and support the exhibition and perhaps more importantly the Art’s Centre otherwise one day it may itself become something lost.

2 Responses to “Misplaced”

  1. 1 Cathy

    Can you even fecking believe the council have effectively closed the Arts Centre? The theatre will be mothballed and the exhibition centre is ‘under review’ (although as an inside source told me, it’s not as rosy as they’re making it out to be). Morons.

    That exhibition looks amazing!

    My favourite thing is not only Crofters, which I’ve been to every Tuesday (when there) since I was 9 years old but also the circus machine. If it ever closes, I will buy it if in any way possible.

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Given the colour of the current Council I can unfortunately believe what is happening – although my source says the gallery is safe but no move films in Guildhall – which means a drive to Norwich or Cambridge to see anything art house.

    The exhibition – yes it’s just great, if you get home and get the chance it’s well well worth it.

    And yes the circus machine – I’ll happily go halves with you !

    DW x

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