The Return Of Fat Charlie


For anyone of a certain age a visit to (or a least a view of others visiting) a Little Chef is synonymous with travelling across the UK – so given that we were today leaving the unnecessary comforts of the South to visit the, not as grim as maybe suggested, North we thought we’d drop into one of the newly refurbished Heston Blumenthal inspired Little Chef’s just outside of York.

And whilst it’s unlikely to receive a Michelin star for it’s food (who am I kidding – I’ve no idea what they give such awards for) it’s not bad – the food was better than I’ve had previously (I’m unintentionally damning with somewhat faint praise there) and the refurbishment is a huge improvement – with it’s 50s diner stylings and walls adorned with past memories of Fat Charlie and his emmpire. That said given that they’ve only managed to achieve this in three of their one hundred and fifty plus restaurants perhaps their acceptance of Heston’s ideas is a little less than fullsome.

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