Halfway there then. And by now I supposed I should at least feel a slightly better person – and do I ? No idea really – time will tell, I do think though that the time spent playing with Lego is a time that my mind is clear of almost all other clutter and that as a result it’s something I enjoy enormously. My involvement in the project has also meant I’ve had many many conversations with people about what I’ve been doing, about Lego and to a lesser extent about the joy of play – some of those people have looked at me as if I am a deviant but to be honest most have shared in the tremendous fun I’ve so far had.

Finally one aspect of the One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person project that I hadn’t really thought at all about before becoming involved was the pleasure in reading about others efforts – the online aspects of which have been collected here – and which I thoroughly recommend to you.

Here’s to the next fifty days.

One Response to “#050/100”

  1. this is turning in to a great exercise ! Half way there is half way done which is a shame from an observer’s point of view.

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