#035/100 – #040/100


I’ve been a bad lad – although I have been keeping to my pledge and playing with Lego on a daily basis I’ve been a bit tardy getting the photos done and uploaded – so given that the weather today precludes me from doing much else I’ve caught up !

Fresh Lego supplies are on the way and I’m going to try and be more punctual with the photographs for the last sixty of the hundred days. Promise.

5 Responses to “#035/100 – #040/100”

  1. 1 Randuwa

    Yo, dude, there’s something you should know about playing with Legos. It can become an obsession……


    But don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt anyone…. Cheers!

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Indeed – I can see from your pictures – wildly impressive – anyone passing should definitely wander along and have a look.

    DW x

  3. I’ve been loving your Lego creations and have put a couple on my blog http://www.belljarblog.wordpress.com. Don’t want to depress you but have a look at this…. http://itadvocate.com/FLA2005/images/Lego%20Shark%201%20big.jpg

    • 4 danielweiresq

      Hey get you ! You organise National Poetry Day – that’s way cool !

      DW x

  4. 5 danielweiresq

    Thanks, much appreciated ! And as for getting depressed – never ! Only ever inspired . . . although I may need to save up to buy some more . . .

    Will now wander over and have a peek at your blog.

    DW x

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