2009 In Pictures (& Words) p2



I’m sure other things happened in July than the Lovebox music festival in London – but that’s all I can really recall several months down the line. The driving force for our attendance was Mrs Weir because of the billing of a certain Duran Duran. We walked a disappointingly long distance from (and back to) our Travelodge on the East India Dock Road because of a TFL strike and spent (depending on which Weir representative you go with) a mostly uninspiring afternoon / evening with occasional glimpses of brightness. Highlights of the weekend for me were staying just over the road from Erno Goldfinger’s Balfron Tower (a precursor to the more famous Trellick Tower) and a Sunday morning visit to the lovely Thames Barrier Park.


When’s the Antiques Roadshow in town ? A Ladybird book I got earlier today seems to be inscribed by John Craven http://tinyurl.com/qhxjn9 ! 9:39 PM Jul 5th from TweetDeck

Have fallen head over heels for a boy called Rory – am sure the lady of the house won’t mind. 10:45 PM Jul 10th from txt

Pouring with rain and remarkably I’m cold. Highlights so far have been the Pimms and the Drum Along Disco. #Lovebox 6:49 PM Jul 18th from txt


From what I can recall of the summer the headlines were mainly about how laughably inaccurate the Met Office’s prediction of a barbecue summer was – but the days I remember best were sun drenched and cloud free.

I remember this specifically because on one of the days in question we went to Tattershall Castle in Lincolnshire for a Cloud Appreciation Society afternoon – which of course resulted in a almost cloudless day but one I can remember quite vividly because of the appearance of a Spitfire momentarily flying inexplicably in and out of view and because we managed to squeeze in a curiously short trip to New York.

A visit to another building of distinction, this time Narbrough Hall, again on a very warm and sunny day, saw us get to see an exhibition of rarely seen prints and drawings by Andy Warhol and a wander round the gardens – enjoying the proliferation of butterflies that seemed to inhabit (in particular) their kitchen garden.

The football season also started but as a Norwich City fan it didn’t start terribly well.


Back at home with concerns that someone seems to have replaced the air outside with treacle. 1:35 PM Aug 6th from TweetDeck

Oh I give up – I avoid the football scores for ten minutes and we’re now four nil down. The great news is there’s still a second half. #ncfc 3:48 PM Aug 8th from TweetDeck

Sat on a hill (in the rain) in Cromwell country watching future footballers. 12:27 PM Aug 21st from txt


September began with “an evening of good company and fine musical entertainment” provided (in the main) by Magoo at the Arts Centre in Norwich.

Then the return of Interesting followed shortly afterwards and unsurprisingly was hugely enjoyable. Where else can you learn how to win at Monopoly, the basics of Morse Code and how to conduct an orchestra in a single day ?

And then a relaxing (albeit very damp) week on the West Coast of Scotland – which is much much further than you think (despite the local tourist board’s branding), but well worth the effort regardless.


Next subject up ‘How to win at Monopoly’ #interesting09 4:41 PM Sep 12th from txt

Waving to an elephant in Dumbarton. 2:59 PM Sep 19th from txt

Wondering whether its too late to return to Scotland to dedicate my life to stone skimming ? 3:33 PM Sep 26th from txt


October saw us slowly exchange one bathroom for another. I say us, I of course mean somebody else more able than us – we just sat and watched. Having been in our house for several years now I suppose it was about time that we got around to this – as almost everything in it was slowly grinding to a less than acceptable point and I’d run out of reasons to argue against it.  However given that it’s almost the smallest room in the house it cost a disappointingly significant amount of money to complete.

So given that Weir Inc. was spending money so successfully elsewhere trips away from home were few and far between. However I did manage to get to the Anderby Creek Cloud Bar one (mostly cloud free) Sunday morning – which given it’s situation, on a surprisingly attractive stretch of Lincolnshire coast line, maybe visited again in 2010.


Locked away today – catching up on a hundred and one things. Thought Manilow on Desert Island Discs might help but seems he was last week 😦 11:19 AM Oct 4th from TweetDeck

Feeling totally wired after a day spent being taught speed reading. Crazy stuff. 4:20 PM Oct 15th from Brizzly

Wildly impressed to have seen a 22° halo tonight : http://tinyurl.com/4altyb 8:49 PM Oct 31st from TweetDeck


November was a month that passed by in a blur, unfortunately not a very pleasant one. Holly, the much much loved family cat here at Weir HQ stopped eating one afternoon and soon after became, well, something far from her normal self. So many visits to the vets took place – which none of us enjoyed least of all Holly. Eventually though the vets, who admittedly were second to none, decided on what the problem was and since then Holly has slowly returned to something akin to her former self – which is very very good news indeed – and, ahem, £2609 well spent.


Sinking. 3:53 PM Nov 16th from txt

Poorly cat, tearful boy. 7:14 PM Nov 12th from TweetDeck

Norwich win in the FA Cup with 7 (S e v e n) goals – only for King’s Lynn to score 11 (E l e v e n) goals (and they haven’t finished !). 4:38 PM Nov 7th from TweetDeck


Well the year ended pretty much as it started ie cold with snow being the main subject of discussion. From what I can recall (and I think I’ve indicated elsewhere that my recall isn’t my greatest attribute) we’ve had more snow this month than we’ve had for many many years. In fact the last time we had weather even vaguely like this my concern was whether my school would close rather than my office.

Much weather watching took place and to be honest not a lot else did. Although a late highlight in the year arrived with the beginning of Josie Long’s 100 days project in which I pledged that “mrdanielweir will play with Lego” – perhaps not the most arduous of pledge’s I admit but one I’m taking seriously – so I’m off to continue to work on my obsession with small coloured bricks.


In Argos awaiting fresh supplies of Lego. 12:42 PM Dec 14th from txt

Up earlier than perhaps desired to drive my nephew to play in a Cambridge Utd v Southend Utd youth football match – hoping the rain desists. 8:20 AM Dec 13th from TweetDeck

The Chuckle Brothers get a little odder each time I see them – and yes the fact I keep seeing is even odder. 5:18 PM Dec 10th from txt

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