2009 In Pictures (& Words) part1


On the 30th December last year I wrote : “This period between Christmas and New Year always seems like a perfect time for recollection and preparation – so to work on the former I’m using my photographs on Flickr as a prop to recall what 2008 was all about. And if this seems a little self indulgent that’s because it is.”

Well it’s time to be self indulgent once again.


Straw Bear Jnr.

Two thousand and nine didn’t start particularly well (for reasons best left dead and buried) and had it continued in the same way I think I may very well have returned it to the shop to ask for something else in exchange. However it didn’t, and thankfully one of the highlights of the year arrived very early with a (long planned) trip to the Whittlesey Straw Bear festival, improved further by the increasingly rare sight of some Fenland skaters on the journey there.

Then just before the month ended, whilst the lady of the house was watching Arsenal (play a glamorous nil nil draw against West Ham United), I travelled to Ely to visit the Stained Glass Museum tucked away within the Cathedral and although not a museum of vast proportions one that was well worth a visit.


Thinking I can’t ever have seen so many Morris dancers in one day. 1:40 PM Jan 10th from web

Was hoping not to feel so down so early in the year. 8:35 PM Jan 15th from web

Off to an ill advised Burns night evening . . . . 5:47 PM Jan 25th from txt


Blakeney wall.

February was a quiet month with one of the few trips out of the locale to St Neots to take my nephew to St Neots FC to train with the Cambridge United FC youth side – and yes before you ask I did indeed teach him everything I know.

We did also take a very welcome trip out to the North Norfolk coast to the Blakeney Hotel to celebrate Mrs Weir’s birthday with afternoon tea. If you ever reach the point where you feel, as Damon et all once stated, modern life is rubbish, then take a trip back in time to the Blakeney Hotel, in perhaps unsurprisingly Blakeney, it’s a wonderful place that seems to be so perfectly detached from the world that it’s almost a shame to return home.


Becoming almost blase about another snowfall. 11:23 AM Feb 1st from web

At last we (out here in the Eastern flatlands) can join in the (no doubt very temporary) fun – the snow has arrived. 7:20 AM Feb 5th from TweetDeck

Thank goodness for Playdoh. 3:55 PM Feb 9th from web


The Post Office Tower.

March saw our first trip away of the year – to capital city. And we had a great time.

I often come away from London happier that I’m coming away than having been – however this time was different and I managed to spend time at the British Museum, The London Transport Museum, Hyde Park, The Museum of Brands, Postman’s Park, The Tate Modern and The Design Museum.

The rest of the month seem to be spent writing an enormous amount of words for the Chartered Institute of Housing. Which was nice.


Off to start a fire ! (In a controlled, appropriate environment with adults only moments away). 9:39 AM Mar 5th from TweetDeck

Being driven mildly insane by people’s lack of ability to understand the concept aspect ratio. 2:12 PM Mar 19th from web

Taking lunch in the British Museum having spotted Anthony Gormley on the way – in the flesh rather than in bronze. 2:16 PM Mar 21st from txt


"The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth (But Not The Mineral Rights)" by The Chapman Brothers

In April I spent two days in Cambridge, the first with Mrs Weir was almost truncated by Cambridge’s lack of long term parking – a minor problem in normal circumstances however we were in town to see The Damned United (which was very good) at the Arts Picturehouse which I didn’t particularly want to leave mid show in order to purchase further ticketing . . . The second saw my attendance at the Cambridge City Rugby Club to discuss statistics, and, it seems, to disagree with what everybody else was saying – at least I was getting paid to do so.


I now have the complete Matt Dent coin set – after buying a £1 from my nephew for the princely sum of £5 (I negotiated him down from £20). 8:28 AM Apr 9th from web

Home after a mid week Under 10s football game – we won 10 nil . . . that’s t e n. 7:33 PM Apr 15th from txt

At Cambridge Rugby Club talking about statistics. Not an obvious choice of how I would wish to spend my day. 12:37 PM Apr 23rd from txt


Th Happidrome, Southend-On-Sea.

Lots of things happened in May, starting with Dad’s Army Day at Bressingham Steam & Gardens (yes I live a wholly punk rock lifestyle) – and to ensure I got maximum Roy Cropper points I even went with my mum and dad.

A few days in Southend-On-Sea followed later in the month and although Southend itself was a little disappointing (“not sure whether it’s a seaside location with a town attached or a town with a seaside location attached”) the few days away were really enjoyable with a trip to the RHS garden at Hyde Hall being a highlight . . . and a visit to Lakeside being a low one.

Then the last day of the month saw us at the Malmaison Hotel in Leeds to celebrate the Weir’s anniversary.


Just back from delivering a reluctant nephew to school – apparently there’s country dancing planned as it’s 1st May. 8:02 AM May 1st from TweetDeck

The small coastal town of Wells next the Sea can go fuck themselves. 7:42 PM May 6th from txt

Sitting on the end of Southend pier. 12:21 PM May 20th from txt


Fern, Plantation Garden, Norwich.

June was a month spent almost entirely within the confines of the county. Partly because we had little planned and partly because I started working in a new job (same employer, different role).

European and local election’s occurred early in the month and we were involved in the counting of votes (which is probably as exciting as it sounds). Thankfully the results weren’t as depressing as they could have been because the BNP were unsuccessful with their attempts to gain County Council seats in the area, that said the complete Conservative white wash (blue rinse ?) across the area wasn’t exactly good news.

Finally rather than a trip to the nation’s capital we ventured to the county’s capital, where we at last got to visit the Plantation Gardens – a stone’s throw from the city centre yet seemingly a million miles away – another place that comes highly recommended.


Taking a piss with our local MP – not literally mind. 11:25 AM Jun 5th from txt

Home from watching ‘In The Loop’ – fourteen paying viewers – with two walking at the industrial language – “Fuckety-bye-bye”. 10:33 PM Jun 25th from TweetDeck

Photographing grafitti in deepest darkest down town Norwich. 2:27 PM June 20th from txt

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