Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction


I’m always a little disappointed when my local town, King’s Lynn, is denigrated in some way – I wasn’t born there and strictly speaking I don’t live there but it’s home to me and as such I wish more people would write letters to the local paper about how delightful it is (the above rather unfortunate piece appeared in today’s paper). Not because it necessarily is delightful, because in many ways it’s a very ordinary town – but what’s wrong with that ?

George Borrow, an English novelist and travel writer in the 1800s (who was incidentally born in Norfolk) once wrote : “There are no countries in the world less known by the British than these self same British Islands

Which is, I think, part of the problem.

So in an attempt to show just how delightful this very ordinary town is I’m going to go all Judith Chalmers on you (and me) and introduce you to ten extraordinary facts about King’s Lynn by the end of the year.

(If of course I fail to get beyond seven I’ll just delete this post from the blog and pretend we never had this conversation – and to be honest I’ll be the judge of extraordinary so I win whichever way the game plays.)

One Response to “Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction”

  1. 1 “And in swam my dog.” « dig your fins

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