Box Of Delights


Although I’m perhaps not known for my love of Christmas I do actually enjoy the time of the year when “the weather outside is frightful”.

One aspect that I particularly enjoy is the ceremony of the advent calendar. I always remember having them as a kid – when the opening of the appropriate door wasn’t rewarded by a confectionery based gift – and when the numbers stopped at twenty four. However this year I’m without one and I’m not sure how that’s happened.

I had planned to buy one of Eric Carle’s rather lovely pop-up affairs but just never got round to it – I also dropped enormous hints about the effort from Lego but living in a one horse town does preclude off-kilter gifts without a deal of planning. So when I saw that the wonderful people at Present & Correct were running their own I decided to join in and managed to win day number three – which arrived yesterday and cheered me up no end.

Highly recommend and still seven days left to run.

2 Responses to “Box Of Delights”

  1. Ha! Lovely. To me memories of Advent Calenders are purely paper too. But a box ofdelights through the post must have been wonderful. Well done!

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Thanks and thanks for stopping by . . . feel free to explore further.

    DW x

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