Well the tree is up in the front room and Christmas is slowly arriving at Weir HQ so today we have the main man – a little early admittedly but hey he’ll be far to busy over the next couple of weeks.

3 Responses to “012/100”

  1. ykes. is that dandruff falling across your blog ? you need ‘heading shoulders’ the shampoo for those who need their headings shampooed (or something)

    another great construction ! keep up the tremendous work.

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Thank you kind sir ! And good to see your ability to pun hasn’t suffered with your re-location ! Expect you’re preparing a barbecue menu for Christmas Day – whilst we look forward to snow . . . .

    DW x

  3. yup – we’re going round to some friends for ham in the garden (we’ll be hamming it up) then round to some of their friends who have a pool.

    it’s still a novelty so a hot xmas is nice this year. we’ll still miss the coseyness of being inside on a cold day with friends/family though.

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