Thought I’d have a change from the animal kingdom with something a little more patriotic – dedicated to Mr Dave FunkyPancake who’s embracing a whole new flag nowadays.

(Looks like I’ll have to invest in some more Lego sooner than later as as you can see from the reverse side of the flag I had utilise a more non-traditional building approach.)

3 Responses to “006/100”

  1. 1 Tobie Fysh

    You also need more bricks because you appear to have achieved symmetry which is not possible on the Union Flag….

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Well spotted and a fact that was similarly pointed out by my (equally) pedantic grandmother this very afternoon. The fact is (as you can see from the peculiar construction) I was indeed struggling in respect of appropriate pieces so think of it as a homage rather than a direct copy . . .

    DW x

  3. thanks for the dedication.

    my newly embraced flag is an embraced and extended version of the UK flag, incorporating it slightly smaller in a corner and dropping a few stars on the spare space. when i went to australia last week they’d extended the concept even further and added some more stars. where will it stop i wonder ?

    and i feel mr fysh might have been a little harsh on your creation – at the risk of sounding rude about your other constructions, they aren’t 100% accurate recreations of the object you are modelling. if we wanted that we could look at the original thing .

    instead you are using little plastic interlocking bricks to reflect the /essence/ of the thing rather than the exact thing itself. and hoorah for that.

    have you got lego on your xmas list ?

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