“Modern Art Makes Me Want To Rock Out”


The great Eddie Argos once stated that “Modern art makes me want to rock out !”. Now I love Eddie Argos more than perhaps I should so I’m want to agree with him in most matters – however on modern art I just know he’s right. Modern art makes me want to rock out too.

So you’ll perhaps not be surprised to learn how much I enjoyed reading the first of @Duchamps_Brides blog entries iro of the One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person project.

@Duchamps_Brides writes about his love of Conceptual Art and in particular about a piece by Felix Gonzales Torres and whilst  I don’t neccessarily agree with his interpretation of the piece I love the fact that he understands so well that that doesn’t really matter :

“Of course, you don’t necessarily come out of the encounter with a definite answer – more often you come out with a lot of indefinite questions, and, perhaps, more often in a state of utter befuddlement. But that’s good, I like being befuddled.”

Which is just great isn’t ? We should all embrace befuddlement .  . .

Anyway go and have a read it’s a beautifully written piece that made me cry on a very difficult day,  (although to be honest it would probably have made me cry regardless how difficult the day).

3 Responses to ““Modern Art Makes Me Want To Rock Out””

  1. Thanks so much Daniel – and for your kind comment on the blog.

    Loving the lego – but give that penguin a fish to cheer him up.


  2. 2 danielweiresq

    No problem Howard – another great post today . . . and tomorrow a fish . . .

    DW x

  1. 1 “Modern Art Makes Me Want To Rock Out” « dig your fins « Art and Life

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