“The universe and human stupidity”*


Today is my birthday – I’m thirty nine years of age and struggling to embrace my first day on the road to forty. Yes I’m feeling sorry for myself (see earlier entries) and yes I know I shouldn’t be, but still . . .

Thankfully I feel a little less alien in the world thanks to the wonderful Charlie Brooker, who began his column today with the following paragraph (a paragraph which (were I a better writer) I could have written about myself).

“I am phenomenally stupid. Stupid in every conceivable way except one: I’m dimly aware that I’m stupid. This means I spend much of my time assuming the rest of the world knows better, that everyone else effortlessly comprehends things I struggle to understand. Things like long division, or which mobile phone tariff to go for. In many ways, this is a comforting thought, as it means there’s a limitless pool of people more intelligent than myself I can call on for advice.”

* “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

2 Responses to ““The universe and human stupidity”*”

  1. Happy birthday. I’m only a few weeks behind you. Hope things perk up for you soon.

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Thanks Anne – much appreciated. And a happy St Andrew’s Day to you. Given my birthday I’ve always felt that I’m Scottish by proxy . . .

    DW x

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